Light fitting

Light fitting

Who do you call in an emergency, what’s the name of our insurers, need to know the paint specs for your apartment’s front door – we’ll be pooling our knowledge here! Please email contributions to us at or use the contact form here

For interest, here are some construction pictures.

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Fixtures and fittings

  • Balcony sliding doors These well-made doors shouldn’t need too much maintenance, but it is good to ensure the tracks and runners are clear of grit and dirt. If you so run into trouble with them you can call in the experts:, VELFAC LTD, The Old Liver, Hildersham, Cambridge, CB21 6DR · Tel. +44 1223 897100,
  • Floors A leaseholder advises that “ supplied flooring for The Pad when it was built”. Another leaseholder reports a good outcome using Neil Whitmore from N&J finishes (077 1425424) to sand and reseal their floor, and another had excellent results using Elite Flooring Services to lay a new engineered wood floor sourced from The Natural Wood Flooring Company (the work took a day and a half).
  • Windows Many of the windows at the Pad are also made by Velfac (see above). While parts may be obtainable via the Velfac site, it is likely Velfac’s parent company, Dovista, will have to send a maintenance team and it unlikely that anyone else can repair them. Contact via the Velfac site or email Please note the windows are very heavy and scaffolding will probably be necessary for windows above ground floor. Other windows do not appear to have been made by Velfac and don’t have the Velfac identifying code on the frame. Potentially these may be difficult and expensive to repair. One lessee, after much research, had success replacing a tilt and turn window like this onNon Velfac windowe [see pic] using a company called by Smashing Glass and Glazing Ltd, 0203 876 7941. They found the best option was to remove the window to their workshop, board up the flat window for 10 days, then come back and fit new window, when the resin the new glass was set in had fully hardened. The cost in the spring of 2022 was circa £1,500. Please note, that this information is passed on in good faith as an aid to lessees, but you are advised to carry out your own examination of the issues and make insurance and warranty checks. Another leaseholder successfully engaged Ron White Fixing, NW5 1DJ,,  for a job that involved, “overhaul ease and adjust and lubricate tilt and turn window, including refixing of restrictor stay”.
  • Wardrobes Looking to add a second wardrobe or replace the existing one like for like? The make is Colombini, model Vitality. Details: Base Doors White Matt, Wall Doors none, Door Trim Flat, Carcase Dark Oak, Unit Height 2371, Cornice none, Pelmet none, Plinth none. Handles Square RM3C, Worktop none
    They are made in Italy and back in 2012 could be imported from Casa Cucini, 14 Heddon Court Parade, Cockfosters, Herts EN4 0DB Tel: 020 8364 9001 Fax: 020 8364 9040
  • Bathrooms: The small basins are by Italian firm Flaminia. The supports are available from Acquaclick (and possibly elsewhere).
    The lavatory seat spec is probably “Duravit Starck 3 Toilet Seat White 0063810000” and widely available. (Check that this is the model for your apartment.)
  • Lavatory cistern: The concealed flush system is made by Gerberit. If your cistern is broken or if the cistern is continually dribbling into the pan, you should be able to clean or replace the mechanism by removing the facia (button panel) and jiggling out the mechanism. The original model number for the flush valve is but the replacement part code is now “Geberit Flush Valve for Concealed Cistern 240.638.00.1”. First try cleaning the seals/gaskets but if they are too damaged you will need to replace them. Note that as well as the main mechanism, you may need to replace the valve cage it sits in (8.2 in the diagram left, and 241.859.00.1 in the ordered part used in one of our apartments). More info on the Gerberit website.  Parts generally available through plumbing merchants, Amazon, Ebay, Srewfix etc. The numbering of these parts appears complicated but for a great service and advice, try EC1 Bathrooms in Grays Inn Road. [NB Do check this info against what has actually been installed in your apartment. One owner found what they needed and shared this purchase summary:  “ Concealed Cistern Spares Product Id: TS1263 UP200/300 Basket (928) Price: £8.00”]
  • Shower repair: After much investigation, an apartment owner solved their shower issue by replacing the shower converter, see: DIVERTOR CARTRIDGE / VALVE (Shower) FANTINI (Brand) 90009402 £128
  • Bath plug replacements: a leaseholder reports that spares and replacements can be found on See here
  • Original fixture list for the bathroom:
    – Floor Finish: Porcelain tiling by LEA Ceramiche Hard Grey 60x60cm
    – Wall tiling: LEA Ceramiche Hard Grey 15x60cm & 97x60cm
    – Wall mounted WC with seat and cover by Starck Edition III bt Duravit
    – Gerberit concealed dual flush cistern
    – Wash Hand Basin 480mm wall mounted by Flaminia
    – Wash Hand Basin taps by Fantini Nostromo
    – Kaldewei Saniform Plus Bathtub 1700mmx700mm with Glass Shower Screen
    – Kaldewei DuschMedia Porcelain shower tray 800x1000x150mm
    – Single lever shower mixer with hand shower by Fantini
    – Overhead Shower head by Hans Grohe Raindance
    – Polished Chrome Towel RailThere are a limited number of replacement bathroom tiles stored in the basement of the building. Check with the concierge about getting access to these.
  • Following the 2023 fire door inspection, questions were raised about the Spy-Holes original installed and whether they were fire-rated and whther they should be replaced. Here is one leaseholders solution:”I bought this from Amazon, a Door Viewer Peepholes or Peek Holes | Satin Chrome | 200 Degree Fire Rated Spy Hole with Privacy Cover

    In the end, as the original was no different, I simply added the fire-resistant strip to the spyhole installed. It was a little tricky to remove the original, but doable.”

    The second image shows the fire-resistant strip applied to the existing fixture.

Lighting and electrics

  • Dimmer switches The model used is Lutron Rania Dimmer Switch 1 Gang. Unfortunately, this product is no longer made, but can be replaced with a conventional dimmer switch. If anyone has found a more stylish solution, let us know.
  • Ventilation system Apartments were fitted with the Vent-Axia House Ventilation System with Heat Recovery and Cooker Hood. The bathroom ventilation works in conjunction with the kitchen extract, and all the other rooms. The purpose of these units is to remove stale air from both above the cooker and within the bathroom, filter and clean the air then recirculate them out through vents in both the bedrooms and the living areas.T here is a panel on the wall of the kitchen, which has the mains switches for all the major appliances including “cooker hood”, that needs to be “on” to ensure that the air is circulating through the apartment (including the bathroom). The extractor above the kitchen hood can be boosted by pulling out the slider above the cooker this will increase the airflow. Some of the apartments, may have an extra vent in the bathroom which will boost when the light is turned on. See for more information. The manufacturer’s document downloads are also added here: Catalogue Pages, F&W Instructions

    In 2021 one lessee reported booking an engineer to do a basic service on her MVHR. “It had not been touched for 13 years and it appeared to be in quite good shape.  The filters were very dirty (13 years of dust is pretty gross) and they have either been cleaned or replaced, the unit was cleaned and all the vents are now working correctly and the airflow has been checked throughout the flat.  What was noticeable was that the steam build-up in the bathroom, after having a shower, cleared far more quickly than previously.”

    MVHR units have a life expectancy of about 15 years and therefore will need to be serviced and possibly replaced in the future.  The service cost approximately £200.  A new MVHR unit is expensive however it will be cheaper to run but will have better capacity.

    Service is through HRV, , 0330 223 4180. They will do a discount if there are a number of units to service on one day so perhaps it may be useful to coordinate for a group of flats in one time.

Hot water, the boiler and the underfloor heating system

[This information is offered by way of guidance and information sharing. If any doubt, contact a qualified engineer.]
  • In the Hallway of each apartment there is a cupboard which contains the gas boiler and electrical hot water tank and the manifold for the underfloor heating. There is also the timer for the heating and hot water which can be set to turn on and off. This cupboard should not be overcrowded or filled with debris as there are many pipes, dials and switches within it which you may need access to.The gas boiler should be serviced annually and that is a requirement if you are renting your apartment out. This can be done by any Corgi registered gas engineer.The hot water tank can be heated by both the gas boiler through the timer or by electrical using the switch beside it.The underfloor heating rarely requires servicing however it can lose water pressure and sometimes the manifold can stick. The temperature in each room is controlled by a thermostat on the wall and this links to a panel in the cupboard. If you discover that an individual room is not heating up sufficiently it may be that the pin in the manifold has stuck. If you notice that the heating in the entire apartment is not sufficient and the boiler is firing up then it may be that the water pressure in the system is not high enough. There is a dial beside the manifolds for the underfloor heating and water pressure should be between 1.2 and 1.5. Underfloor heating is rarely covered by service maintenance agreements, and it can be quite tricky to find engineers who will fix them. The underfloor heating was installed by a company called Hedonglow, who are no longer operating, However, Kenny who worked on the installation of the systems in each of the apartments, still helps on ocasion with maintenance or problems with the underfloor heating. He charges a call out fee and the concierge has his mobile number. The orginal Uponor system (with C35 controller) is no longer in production though you may find refurbished parts on ebay. We would be interested to hear of anyone who has replaced the original Uponor sytem with an upgraded Uponor model or an alternative brand.

Painting and decorating

  • The original spec for the decoration of the flats was: All walls and ceilings to be Dulux brilliant white vinyl matt emulsion; All door frames and architraves to be Dulux brilliant white eggshell; All doors to be eggshell and colour matched to Farrow & Ball Shaded White

Entrance system

  • Access to the building is by FOB only. Key code access is not supported but residents are able to open the door remotely from apartments (but please only grant access to guests that are known to you).
    For deliveries out of hours, please make your way to the entrance and personally accept the item. (Packages should not be left in reception after hours. Any that are will be entirely at your own risk.)
    The emergency out-of-hours number to ring should the lock have failed is 0203 597 6440.

Fobs may be ordered at any time via NACD for £26.00 ex VAT (pack of three, £36.00 ex VAT).

The Pad consists of six blocks, numbered as follows:

Block 1 – Apartments 101, 201, 301, 102, 202, 302
Block 2 – 103, 203, 303
Block 3 – 104, 204, 205, 300, 304, 305, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 501, 502 503 504 505
Block 4 – 506, 507, 406, 407, 408, 409, 306, 307, 308, 206, 207, 208, 106, 107, 108
Block 5 – 309, 209, 109
Block 6 – 310, 210, 110, 311, 211, 111

  • To register as a resident for NACD access complete the form here:
    See the user guide here (opens PDF) for more information on the door entry system including how to link it to your phone.